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Donв put inthat pre-order just yet

 Don’t put inthat pre-order just yet. This is not necessarily a agreement to accept a finishedconsole out by Christmas. Just a firmer charge to Linux by Valve, and anincoming roadmap to the possiblerelease of the Steam Box. Or whatever it ends up accepting called. Still, moregaming options are consistently bigger than less, and there’s no aggregation betterplaced to added interestingly agitate the accepted cachet quo than Valve.

Valve is demography over the active room. The aggregation issued addition brain-teaser for what is acceptable its long-in-development Steam Box on a new page on Steam's website, with a admission set to hit aught on Monday.

"Last year, we alien a software affection alleged Big Picture, a user-interface tailored for televisions and gamepads," the page reads. "This year we’ve been alive on even added agency to affix the dots for barter who wish Steam in the active room. Soon, we’ll be abacus you to our architecture process, so that you can advice us appearance the approaching of Steam."