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 Learn all about this German multi-gaming guild and their adventures in Tamriel.

Today we turn to the German community to take a look at another great guild. Read our interview with Das Netz to find out what these heroes are up to in-game. If they seem like the kind of guild you’d have fun in, get in touch and you may just find some new friends!

If you would like to see your guild in the future spotlight, just fill out the answers to the interview in this thread. Don’t forget to include some pictures! Now, on to the interview:


What is your guild’s name? Does that name have a special history or significance?

Our guild's name is “Das Netz” (which translates to “The Net” or “The Web”). We picked this name because we wanted to create a cross-game and cross-platform network to effectively connect our players across games.

When was your guild formed? Tell us the story of how the guild came to be. 

It was founded in 2011, right before the start of Star Wars: ToR. Back then, we decided on creating something of our own to establish a multi-gaming community. We then found our way through TSW, GW2, and FFXIV: ARR, and we still have two active groups in TSW and FFXIV: ARR. Now we're in ESO and WildStar as well.

What alliance has your guild sworn fealty to?

Queen Ayrenn's Aldmeri Dominion, of course.

Why did you choose that alliance? 

We voted internally, which is something we typically do for lots of things, and the Aldmeri Dominion won with a one vote advantage.

How many members does your guild currently have? 

Around 160 in total; in ESO we've got 55.

Does your guild have a website?

We've got a forum you can find at http://dasnetz.me.

What times and days is the guild most active?

We're mostly active on evenings and weekends (European time). But, essentially, there's always someone online pretty much all the time.

What languages or countries do your members span?

We're basically a German speaking guild, so we've got mostly German, Swiss, and Austrian players.

What activities in ESO do your members enjoy doing together most? 

Beautiful and relaxing trips to Cyrodiil. If we aren’t there taking advantage of some of the many wellness-promoting opportunities, like bathing in piranha-infested rivers, we're always game for sports activities like fighting over a keep, going climbing, or looking for points of interest.

What does your guild focus on in-game? Do your members prefer delving dungeons together, fighting for keeps in Cyrodiil, roleplaying in the taverns, crafting and trading, or a combination?

Right now most of our members are active in PvP and PvE, since most are still levelling. Later on, we'd like to Buy ESO Gold as well, which would possibly net us a few more interested souls as well, but we're not a dedicated RP guild.

What makes your guild unique? 

We're a multi-gaming guild where people don't want to lose contact with fellow players just because someone quits a particular game. You always know there's a home port waiting for you when you'd like to peek into the game or return to playing it. In every game we've got a healthy mix of guild veterans and new members, which has proven for us to be a good starting point for pleasant cooperation. In addition to that, we decide most things as a group and we've got quite strict naming policies.

Is your guild part of a larger alliance of guilds? Why did you join them?

No, so far we haven’t joined any other groups because we haven't found anything fitting for us.

Does your guild ever host special events? If so, tell us about them! 

Right now we're organizing Sightseeing Tours throughout Cyrodiil as well as keep raids in PvP. Later on we'd like to add some fun light RP events, something we've done already in other games. We can't name details yet, since our members don't know any specifics yet.

What is your favorite or most memorable moment as a guild so far in ESO? 

Our guild picture. We've never seen so many people dropping off somewhere!